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Doctor Who fans unite! Two fans -- one of the original show, one brought in by the new. They discuss, debate, spar and meander over the episodes, audios, books, comics and new releases.
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Mar 22, 2017

Finally, we see what all the fuss has been about! It's Ross' Doctor, Peter Davison. The new Doctor is young, but his regeneration is rough. He has new companions -- Adric, Nyssa (from Trakken) and Tegan (from Brisbane). It's the beginning of some rough years, lots of costumes instead of clothes, but some genius stories sprinkled in with some crowded control rooms.  Listen while Ross explains why this Doctor resonated for him.

Mar 15, 2017

Books! We are exploring yet another new medium. This time it is a novel from the Missing Adventures of the Doctor published originally in 1996 by Virgin. The Doctor, Romana, and K-9 arrive in London in 1930 during a heat wave and a time vortex has been hijacked (along with a few bodies of local Englishmen) by an alien menace. It reads like an Agatha Christie novel. The characters are straight out of Noel Coward, and it's a jolly good romp. As usual, we take a few sidetracks that are relevant to us and we talk about next week's Doctor Who Convention, ReGeneration Con!

Mar 8, 2017

Everyone's favorite Doctor, Tom Baker introduced in his first story, along with everyone's favorite companion, Sarah Jane Smith. It's a UNIT story, so the Brig and Benton are involved as well. We break down this Terrence Dicks story, script edited by the great Robert Holmes. Join us as we launch into the beginning of the phenomenon, when Doctor Who became a worldwide hit.

Mar 1, 2017

Together in the same room! Ross and Victoria take time away from a family get-together to talk Who, and this time, rate and rank the New Who Companions. Nardole gets a nod and Mickey gets props from Ross and Vic waxes poetic about Rose and River.