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Doctor Who fans unite! Two fans -- one of the original show, one brought in by the new. They discuss, debate, spar and meander over the episodes, audios, books, comics and new releases.
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Gallifrey's Most Wanted Podcast

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Jul 27, 2017

We return to covering stories of the First Doctor, this time, its the introduction of the iconic villains of Doctor Who, The Daleks. We discuss the strength of character creation within the TARDIS crew and without, covering the happy accidents that led to the identifiable profile, the menacing presence, despite wielding household implements as weapons, and the warped soul portrayed by the unique voice distortion. And we look at the literary, historical and social influences that are the underpinnings of one of the most malevolent fictional characters in television history. 

Jul 18, 2017

Two Who fans, one Old Who, one New Who, discuss the historic announcement that Jodie Whittaker will be the 13th Doctor. We also discuss new showrunner, Chris Chibnall, and his long-term connection to the show as both fan and writer for television. And we address some of the backlash, what disappointed us, and how we chose to respond. 

Jul 11, 2017

The Twelfth Doctor. Is he a "Good Man?" Is he the "Grumpy Cat Doctor?" Is he another Moffat "Plot Device?" Take a "Deep Breath" and join us for our discussion of lifelong Who fan, Peter Capaldi's introduction as the Doctor.

Jul 6, 2017

Wow. You know it's a good finale when you want to say something clever like, "The Master and Missy and Nardole, oh my!" but Moffat crafts such a complex and beautiful goodbye to some of Doctor Who's best characters that "clever" feels trite.