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Doctor Who fans unite! Two fans -- one of the original show, one brought in by the new. They discuss, debate, spar and meander over the episodes, audios, books, comics and new releases.
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Sep 18, 2018

This is the 2 parter with Rose and the Doctor teaming up with  "Harriet Jones, MP, Flydale North" to fight off an alien invasion, while Mickey and Jackie do battle back at the Powell Estates. Pigs in space suits, zippers in foreheads and pickle juice explosions -- it's Doctor Who at its best.

Sep 7, 2018

Continuing Adventures of the 8th Doctor in Big Finish Audios! Venice with the Doctor and Charlie (Edwardian Adventuress). Gothic setting, romance, abductions and aliens -- straight out of the Hinchcliffe/Holmes era. And more leaks from the set of Series 11.

Sep 3, 2018

The Doctor and Mel travel to a world of fire and ice, meet Glitz and Ace and follow a treasure map. It's the intro of the modern companion, but not much else. Also, we react to San Diego Comic Con Doctor Who panels.

Aug 22, 2018

Enemy Time Lords are back on earth and interfering The Master wants vengeance from the Doctor with the Industrial Revolution hanging in the balance. The Rani is harvesting human brains for use in her experiments.  Then those 2 team up and hijinx ensue.

Jul 17, 2018

What do you get when the Fifth Doctor and his crowded TARDIS meet a 17th century Highwayman? Hijinx, laughs, adventure, the Grim Reaper and Tegan turning into a zombie drone. Does that make for a great Doctor Who story? Join us as we discuss "The Visitation."

Jul 2, 2018

After seeing it on the big screen, how does the original 6 episode version compare? What makes this one of the, if not THE greatest Doctor Who story ever? And why can't Harry jump over a clam? All that and more  . . . 

Jun 11, 2018

Fascist Brig with a toady Benton? Liz as an methodical bureaucrat? The Doctor has landed in an alternate universe, but both Earths are in peril. Star turns by UNIT regulars playing different roles make for one of the great Third Doctor stories.

May 30, 2018

Cybermen invade the Moon, but Ben, Polly, Jamie and the Doctor are there to meet them. It takes all of Polly's feminine know-how (nail varnish remover) and social skills (Coffee, anyone?) to find the source of their power and defeat them. A great 2nd Doctor story, with animation of the missing episodes. 

May 17, 2018

Back to the beginning, to Susan and the Doctor, Ian and Barbara exploring what it means to travel together in the TARDIS -- which communicates with the travelers for the first time. Join us for this first "bottle" episode in Doctor Who history.

May 8, 2018

Bantering, lots of bantering. And laughing in the face of danger. And jokes. lots and lots of jokes. But Clara has been promised a trip to meet her "hero," and she intends to meet Robin Hood. 

Apr 20, 2018

Wrap up of our RegenerationWho 4 review -- we talk kids cosplaying as Mondasian Cybermen and Daleks; artists and fantastic panels.

Apr 12, 2018

Our favorite weekend of the year -- ReGeneration Who 4, wherein your intrepid hosts cosplay, geek out over creators and directors and mingle with the greatest fans in the galaxy. This is our "on the road" segment, apologies for audio quality.

Mar 29, 2018

The Doctor and Winston Churchill are old friends, and Winston has a secret weapon in his War Rooms. Moffat pairs again with Mark Gatiss to bring another "celebrity historical" to the screen. Does it really work this time?

Mar 16, 2018

Another Celebrity Historical! This time -- Shaolin Monks, Queen Victoria and a Werewolf! It's a romp in the Highlands, and the stuff Whovian dreams are made of. The Doctor name drops a former companion, the very companion snogged by the actor to whom the Doctor drops the name! And if that makes sense (or even if it doesn't) this is the podcast for you! 

Mar 1, 2018

Charles Dickens in Cardiff for Christmas. It's the first historical of the New Era and penned by Mark Gatiss to boot. Simon Callow brings his expertise (and his acting chops) to playing Dickens, and the Doctor and Rose are on hand for hijinx with ghosts. What more can a Who fan ask?

Feb 23, 2018

Eighth Doctor fans rejoice! We are back to Big Finish's wonderful range of 8th Doctor stories with our discussion of "Sword of Orion." And Charley Pollard! And OldWho gushes about Nicholas Briggs.

Feb 7, 2018

"Welcome, Campers, Welcome!" The Doctor and Mel are off to a Welsh holiday camp in the 1950s. Motorbikes, Rock and Roll and green babies! Sylvester McCoy is enigmatic and getting darker, and there are open auditions for companion. 

Jan 31, 2018

Satire of Thatcher's Britain or creepily prescient political docu-drama? We talk Reality TV, torture as entertainment and where the lines blur. It's Sixxie's Doctor Who and it's weird and wonderful.

Jan 23, 2018

A very British outpost meets telepathic natives and Tegan gets possessed. Also . . . giant, pink snake. Adric gets our Companion File treatment.

Jan 18, 2018

Sarah Jane, Harry and the Doctor vs. the Potato People! Those wacky Sontarans -- always up for a duel to the death, even when on a scientific expedition. Also, Ross waxes poetic over first love, Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), in this week's Companion File.

Jan 9, 2018

A mission to Mars in peril. The Doctor, the Brig and Liz are on the scene to find the missing astronauts, defeat the bad guys, and face down a couple of "G's" in the process. We also discuss GMW fave, Liz Shaw in this week's Companion File.

Dec 28, 2017

It's the end of an era, it's the beginning of an era. And the most wonderful time to be a Doctor Who fan. We react to the Twelfth Doctor's run-in with his former self, an officer with ties to a future, former self, his beloved companions (or ARE they?), and his farewell. And say hello to Thirteen.

Dec 20, 2017

Jamie's first full adventure as a companion. Fish people in synchronized swimming routines. So we talk Troughton, Whittaker, and the pressure of being "the first to Regenerate. Also, Companion File: Jamie McCrimmon.

Dec 7, 2017

The Episode you've been waiting for! In advance of Twice Upon a Time, we wanted to go over Tenth Planet with a fine tooth comb. It's a better story than we remembered (possibly helped by the animation by Planet 55), and that only adds to the anticipation of a new Regeneration this Christmas.

Nov 29, 2017

In which the Doctor goes on a "Fantastic Voyage", he and his companion get covered in sick (again), and he discovers what it means to be a good Dalek. Companion File on Clara Oswald.

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